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altSince none of our tournaments could be organized without sponsors’ support, we are happy to introduce a company that has been traditionally supporting us for years in the Jarun Cup organization. Some of you, certainly, already know AWT International, but we would like spread the word about Naturel products again :) This year, you can win them in Facebook contests on our fanpage, during the tournament and at their stand on Monday, 1.05! Below you may read about two from pile of Naturel products that you will surely encounter during the tournament.

Below you may find the results of the public Group Draw of 10th Jarun Cup that has been held yesterday in Beach Bar next to Jarun sports venues.

altLast time we presented completely new participant of Jarun Cup, now it's time for you to get to know our old, old friends. Check how many times KRP Dubrava participated in our tournament, what are the club's biggest successes throught all this years and which of the tournament in general is their favorite one :)

For the first time in the history of Jarun Cup, we have the honor to present one team from Denmark - the team of HShop. We use this opportunity to speak with the team manager, Mr Christian Kohler.

Here's our next volunteer! It seems our list of volunteers will be true proof of Girls' power alt

List of our volunteers seems to have no end altAmong our dear volunteers on this year's Jarun Cup there is Magdalena:

Our next volunteer seems to be very excited about the upcoming tournament (same here!). Read few words about Mia :)

We will really have big challenges during the tournament! We already have decent number of volunteers, but we will really need them. Meet Danijel, another volunteer, who chose us to be his first volunteer project! Danijel, we hope we will show you the best possible part of volunteer world! Here's few words about Danijel:

Today we will shortly present you another volunteer. It seems we have a lot of volunteers from European Universities Games... Coincidence?:)


altGuys, we have special interview for you :) Two old friends met to talk about beach handball - Mladen Paradžik tried out his journalist skills and asked Mr Marco Bodmer about Swiss beach handball and the development of this sport in general. Check out what kind of changes does Mr Bodmer suggest to implement and what does he think about the future of our beloved sport:

altSince we already presented Italian and Polish teams, we believe it would be fair to present some local team now :) Below you may read how the most numerous club (6 registered teams!) on this year's Jarun Cup - BHC Sesvete - have developed within 5 years of existence:

altWe have already presented one men's team, so it's high time to get to know something about the representatives of "more beautiful sex", from Poland. Ladies and gentlemen, BHT Pyrki Poznan, last year's participant on Ivanić Grad Open, EBT Finals in Greece and the most successful beach handball women's club in Poland. Let's read few words about girls, why they're coming back to Croatia and what are their plans for 2017 season:

In one of our previous announcements we've already mentioned our volunteer Ana. Now here's a chance to get to know her closer:

ana ivekovic

Hi, I'm Ana and I'm a 4th grade student of Maths. I'm a chess player, but I love other sports as well alt Currently, I occasionally work out on aerobic trainings with my university colleagues, and sometimes I go hiking with Igor, as he already mentioned in previous announcement altI volunteered at European Universities Games in 2016 in Zagreb together with Sandra and Igor as a part of team responsible for futsal. I've never played beach handball but as a kid I trained indoor one, so I believe it will be very interesting for me. The team is promising, so see you soon! alt

Today we present another volunteer who, may be, next year might take some other function at Jarun Cup... Who knows ;) Guys, meet Igor!

We continue with short presentations of our volunteers! We look forward to the start of the tournament and intensive socializing, so let's get to know each other :) We're twice as happy to have Antea and Ružica as our volunteers, since the girls have participated in Jarun Cup last year as well! Check what we Antea and her teammate Ruzica told about themselves :)


Today we are introducing you another two of our volunteers. For Dominik Jarun Cup 2017 will be his first volunteer project, and the first time he encounters with beach handball! We will try to have Dominik had only good memories :) Magdalena have already encountered beach handball, but she's never been on the tournament, which one might guess because she doesn't mention any rain ;) Megi and Dominic, we are so glad you've become the part of our summer story! Here's what Dominik and Megie said about themselves:

Due to vast interest in Jarun Cup 2017, this year we decided to ask for help of volunteers. We are sure that the tournament will be even more successful with them, and we’re sure that we will give them a chance to fall in love, even further, in beach handball!
We appreciate very much that they decided to dedicate their time and be part of our summer story, so we asked them to tell us something about themselves.
First volunteer is Kreso :)

Antonio D'Ovidio - player of Cus Cassino Gaeta '84, co-organizer of EBT Finals 2017 and organizer of EBT Tournament Calise Cup 2017. In other words, man of many parts. We asked Antonio to answer our question just in "few words". As you can see from our interview, "few words" in Italian and Croatian culture means something a bit different;) Check in the article what are the other cultural differences and where you can meet our Italian friends.fb_img_1488983170801

altSpring is coming, Jarun is coming, so the referees are coming! Let's get to know each other and read the interview with our friends from Poland - Ania Gaweł and Edyta Jaworska. Girls will visit us for the second time (almost third as you will read in the article) and were so kind to give us an interview once again (the first one is available here) - read what was their reason to be the part of summer story again and what would they recommend before your trip to Zagreb ;)

Dear beach handball friends.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee (OC) of the Jarun cup, I would like to invite you to tenth edition of this beach handball tournament. Each year was better and last year we had 74 teams participated in all compettition categories. In adition you may find the official invitation for the tournament. Best regards and I hope that we will see you at the end of April. Mladen Paradzik-member of the OC

Offical invitation.

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