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After one week, and beacuse of the overcrowded courts during last week, the time for the youngest Jarun cup categories has come. Below you may find the schedule for the categories 2004 and 2006 , which will be played on Saturday, 7.5.2016. (from 8.40 - 15:00)

See you on the beach handball courts on SRC Jarun

The 9th edition of Jarun Cup – the biggest Croatian beach handball tournament, which was already organized 8 times at the banks of Jarun lake (1st edition took place in the Bundek park) is over. On three courts teams from 7 countries – Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Italy, the Netherlands, Serbia and Switzerland, competed for the title of the Jarun Cup Champion and the points for EBT ranking.

Here you can find all the results and standings


Standings and results in categories


Results after three days and schedule for the final day:

After first day, in spite of the weather conditions, we could say that the beach handball spirit won and all games were played. Below you may find the results after the first day, and also-you may find the schedule which is slightly modificated.

Once again, thanks to all participants which played according to the schedule

Results and modificated schedule

Results and modificated schedule

As you alread know, tomorrow will start the ninth edition of EBT Tournament Jarun cup.

The schedule for the tournament you may find HERE  or HERE

On behalf of the Organizational Commitee I apologize that we published it so late- the reason why it was late published are pretty tough team demands caused by indoor handball matches. . See you soon.

Two days ago the public group draw of Jarun Cup 2016 was held. In Beach bar next to the courts where through 4 days 71 teams from Croatia, Switzerland, Poland, Serbia, Hungary, Italia and the Netherlands will compete, the group draw for 3 age categories - 2000, 1998 and seniors (men and women) took place.

We have already mentioned that organizing the tournament is very big effort also when speaking about the technical issues. We wouldn’t be able to cope with every technical manners just on our own, so on behalf of whole Organizational Committee Jarun Cup 2016 we would like to thank our technical partner: Cargo Partner d.o.o., the company that helps us in logistics and transport. Once again thank you veeery much for your help.img_3223

As you already know, this year we have catering offer for all tournament participants. It wouldn't be possible without help from one of our partners: Day and Night Hostel.day and night hostel logo

We are not the only one who celebrates round anniversary in 2016 – this year Radio Student has its 20th birthday.radio student logo

Dear participants, the registration deadline for the upcoming beach handball tournament Jarun cup 2016, will finish today (23.4.) at midnight.The public group draw will be on 24.4.2016.at 18:00
(Beach bar - next to the beach handball courts). We hope that the majority of the team delegates will be present. Eventhough- If you are not in Zagreb at that moment, we will try to ensure the livestream of public group draw.
Additional info should be visible on official web site soon.

We couldn’t imagine Jarun Cup 2016 without live stream and good music. That is why we would like to introduce our this year’s partners: Agatin.TV and Enter Radio.


Our another donor is Velebit Osiguranje d.d.

velebit osiguranje logo

ozujsko logoAnother donor on board! Give a warm welcome to Zagrebačka pivovara – one of the oldest brewery in Croatia decided again to be the part of our summer story.

Can anyone live without sweets? We can’t. Don’t you eat some sweets even once for a while? We do, even more than once :3 That’s why we’re happy to have Kraš company among our donators!kras-logo


No tournament can be organized without necessary equipment. Jarun Cup 2016 will be held on three courts in the same time, which requires from us big organisational effort especially in the technical field.

The organization of Jarun cup 2016 is again this year supported by company AWT International Ltd.

Below we bring the interview with the official referees of the ninth edition of the Jarun cup. Girls, welcome once again.

1. Hi girls! Please introduces yourselves and tell us something about yourselves.

 I: Irena Anđušić, 31. Master professor of physical education, certified handball trainer, living and working in Novi Sad. I am a referee at the premiere league of handball in Serbia and EHF beach handball referee. I also run my own restaurant which you will hopefully visit when you come to Serbia :) .

A: Anja Pantić, 27, living and working in Novi Sad. My carrier is similar to Irena's, apart from working at the City handball union and the Handball union of Vojvodina.

altBelow you may find the list of the registered teams so far. Please note that only few spots left, so please register the team as soon as possible if you want to be part of our Summer story this year.
Prize contest organized by the Academic beach handball club Zagreb (organizer of the EBT tournament Jarun cup) has reached its end. Members of the Organizing Commetee have chosen among recieved names and votes have been collected and counted. Below you may find the ranking list for the proposed names: 

European handball federation  has published Jarun cup on their official European beach handball tour site. At this point Jarun cup has 134 organizational points. The reason for that number of points is simple- we do not want to put larger point number if we are not sure that we could fulfill doubtful  points. But, we expect more points which will be added when we will know that  for sure (delegate number, referee couple, foreign teams etc.)

So far,  members of the Organizing Committee are happy with the fact that Jarun cup is published as  first outdoor tournament in the new season. So, become a part of our Summer story and start with beach handball playing at the end of April. See you.  Last year tournament was completely successful with 62 teams in total in all categories.

This year it appears that more teams showed interest to come to Jarun cup, so we hope that number of the registered teams will be even bigger comparing to previous edition.

Official invitation could be seen HERE. We hope that you will become part of our Summer story.

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