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The cooperation between the AWT international company and the Organizational board of the Jarun cup is arranged for this year also. Similar like previous years, AWT international decided to take part with their brand name Naturel, which are the best products for all those who care about healthy food and life style. (muesli, grape sugar, juices etc.) More info about the company as well as the brand products you may find HERE. The Naturel brand will be presented also through the Naturel's hostess, which will be on Jarun on the final day.

The ball in your hands, the sand below your feet, the Sun above us- the felling is fantastic. Could it be better?Of course it can, with support of the Henkel crew which enabled us to reward the players of the Jarun cup beach handball tournament in men and women competition. Since now each game will be pure freshness. Fa- the sense of the pure freshness.

Representative persons of the EBT tounrament Jarun cup Organizing commitee and the Center for the physical therapy Vertebra settled an agreement according to which all players will have expert and professional medicine help during the tournament.

Agrrement was arranged with the director of the Center, Mrs Patricija Šimić, which is known (beside her work in the Vertebra studio) as the organizer of the Symposium "Children in sport". Also, it should be mentioned that Mrs Patricija is the official physioterapeutist of the youth handball national  selection. We use this opportunity to thank to Mrs Šimić and we hope that this is only beginning of the long-term cooperation.

Please tell us something about your club history. When did you start with the beach handball and what are your main goles, successes, main opposite teams etc.?

«Hy everybody handball friends, about our club history my coach Antonio Viola told already everythings and I can confirm that he is one of the greatest promoter of this fantastic sport. I started to play beach handball in 2000 but my first and unforgettable experience was in Graz in Austria at Olympic children games, was a fantastic team and with good satisfactions because we arrived at seventh position and we beated 2-0 good teams as Spain and Austria "B", and lost other match just at shoot-out against Poland, Switzerland, Austria "A'' and Czech Republic.

Gaeta handball 84 confirmed the participation on Jarun cup 2015
Beach handball club „Gaeta handball 84“ will start their new beach handball season with Jarun cup 2015 tournament. We are very proud on that information and we use this opportunity to speak with the main persons of this club, Mr. Antonio Viola and Mr. Antonio D'Ovidio (will be published soon).

  Interview with Mr Viola:
I assume that readers of our website mainly know a lot about beach handball history. So, I predict that they know that BH was firstly introduced in Italy and that you were a part of the „first developing team“. Could you please go back to the history and told us exactly what happened and how did you start to develop the beach handball idea? Which persons participated from the first steps?

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