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PHOTO CREDIT: Pawel Jakubowski

Today is time for the final day of 15. edition of the Jarun Cup, and teams are more than ready to find out who is going to take over the throne at Zagreb Lake Jarun. Yesterday, on the fourth day of the tournament the atmosphere was already getting hot since the quarter-finals matches have been played.

On the fourth day of the Jarun Cup, many teams found out their destiny at the tournament and the rest of them are ready to finish the tournament on a high note today when the final matches are being played. The results from yesterday and the schedule for today can be found HERE.

Sand courts of Lake Jarun were crowded with competitors, as well as interested visitors who followed the action on the fourth day. Both visitors and players had a chance to hang out with our mascot owl Zeljko and try some products from our sponsor's Polleo sport, Kras, and Unilever (Dove, AXE, Rexona), or get refreshments with Jana water after the match or Crafter's beer at the end of the day. In between the matches, there was a chance to take Nextbike, promote carbon neutralityand ride it to explore the beauty of Jarun Lake.

If you still haven't visited us, make sure to do it today because it's Labor Day, or follow the action via the live stream or broadcast on SPTV.

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