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naturel logoThe 11th edition of Jarun Cup couldn't be held without sponsors, that is why we would like to introduce you and at the same time thank AWT International - a distributor of Naturel products, on long-term support in tournament organization. Below you may find two of the pile of Naturel products you will surely encounter during the tournament :)

NATUREL VITAMIN / MINERAL DIRECT 10 X 3 G500x300px naturel direkt

Naturel Direct are granules of vitamins and minerals with orange, lime and black grapes flavor. In the offer we have Vitamin C 500 mg, Multivitamin and Magnesium + Vitamin B6. They are simply consumed - directly in the mouth without adding any water, which ensures their more precise dosage and faster action. A 3 g bag that fits in each pocket allows you to keep your daily dose of vitamins always at hand.


Isotonic sports drink with electrolytes and vitamins in the form of bubbling tablets

300x300px naturel isotonicNaturel Isotonic is a dietary supplement with increased carbohydrate and electrolyte content, specifically formulated to provide optimum hydration and nutrient absorption. To obtain a daily dose of tasty and refreshing isotonic orange or lemon / lime juice, it is necessary to dissolve 2 tablets (2 x 10 g) in 500 ml of water. The 140 g pack contains 14 tablets of 10 g which is sufficient to produce 3.5 liters of beverage or 7 bicycle bottles of 0.5 l.

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