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zagreb logoWe have something really special for you guys! We asked our old friend Antonio D'Ovidio representing Italian team of CUS Cassino Gaeta, to play a bit and be your tourist guide for 5 minutes :) Below you may find loads of useful information on where to go after the games, where to eat, what to drink and where to have fun in Zagreb (and even around it)! We guarantee Zagreb can really impress you:

As a regular participant of Jarun Cup, what would you recommend other teams to see around Zagreb (or even Croatia in general), what kind of food or drinks to try out etc.?

In Zagreb you must absolutely go to main square Ban Jelačić Square, so easy because you will see sooo big horse. It's always full of people, for sure pretty Croatian girls (about boys I have other taste :D), people will help you for sure with information and will show you typical places where you can eat for good prices or you can buy all you need in the indoor market where meat is tasty and cheap.

Zagreb is so nice but if you want peace and to relax you have to go to the old square. Very characteristic is Tkalciceva street, a lively pedestrian street in the Lower Town. Also in this area of the city you can find Ilica Street, the largest, with a wide choice of shops, bars, pubs and restaurants (I’m Italian, I love to eat, you know). Another place to see is very beautiful square - officially named as Petar Preradović square, but among Zagreb citizens mostly known as Flower Square - famous for the colorful and entertaining performances of street artists and for a charming flower market. However, most famous market is Dolac, a colorful and lively fruit and vegetable market held every day in the Kaptol district.

Close to Zagreb, if you have a chance, absolutely must see are Plitvice Lakes for a relaxing time and when speaking about the Croatian cities I like Dubrovnik most :)

About drinks Ozujsko beer is amazing, just remember there are the types of Ozujsko with fruit flavor so you need to look on the bottle ;)

For night life you will have a lot of doubts where to go but my favorite place was Opera Club. But go to party players that staff will organize and you will have a lot of fun too :) I've always had a lot of fun with Croatian music as well even though I don't understand absolutely nothing :D

When speaking about the tournament itself, what would you say to other teams - what are your observations within these years and what should they be prepared to? ;)

About the tournament I can say only good words. This is terrific tournament that is improving a lot year after year - with more teams and more nationalities taking part in it.

Location is perfect - you have 3 courts, many bars around, nice lake, open showers for free, restaurants, even shopping mall nearby and you can just stay on the grass and feel like in London parks after or before the games.

Atmosphere is always so nice, with music during the games, nice fun-games as trophy challenge with crossbar challenge and so on. Organization is fantastic, all guys work all the time and they’re very helpful - you won't miss anything. I wish you good weather but also when it rains the atmosphere it’s still nice because the staff is full of passion and never back down.

Actually, what are you waiting for? Don't you want to play on the same courts where European and World Champions play? ;)Antonio

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