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After the cooperation on the last edition of Jarun cup, the company Internet prijenosi, with their brand Maxisport.tv decided to cover us with the high definition livestream signal this year also. Jarun cup 2015 will be broadcasted also and we hope that high quality streaming will become part of the each EBT tournament. Those were words by Matko Vutmej, technical director of the Jarun cup. We thatnk to Maxisport.tv for their kindness in covering beach handball tournament. The settings which Maxisport.tv eill ensure are the following: 1-2 HD cameras, graphics (time, result, sponsor banners..), slow-motion, LTEconnection. Organizational board will ensure the speaker for the final matches, so- we hope that the final matches of the Jarun cup will be the true beach handball "dainty" for all BH fans.

the link on which will be possible to watch the games you may find HERE

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