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Jarun Cup 2015 is the eighth edition of the beach handball tournament organized by Academic beach handball club Zagreb.Given the fact that each year was organizationally better that the previous one, the Organizational board decided to register the tournament as a part of the European beach handball tour.

Matija Šulc, the Organization commitee director, shortly commented this step: This is a good thing for all ebt participants, especially because of the fact that until now there were no early outdoor EBT tournaments in the schedule. With this tournament, official EBT season became longe which gives another chance to the teams to compete and try to do their best. Also, I think that this will be a great chance for the EBT Masters finals participants to prepare on time for the tournament which will be held in Budaors  at the end of May. I use the opportunity to invite all beach handball teams to participate and became a part of our summer story.

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